Jonny Levi


About the Jonny.levi studio

Stunning Hair Care, Beautiful Hairdressing

Our business was established in July of 2020. The salon is all about inclusivity and excellence. We have an established team or respected artists who bring this vibrant space to life. The techniques we use are up to date and constantly evolving with continued education. We are kind, welcoming, and unique!

Why You Will Love Working Here

We Embrace Growth

As a team, we are committed to building a foundation for the future. This requires strong roots. We invest in our growth, development, and goals, individually and as a team.

Our Communication is Inclusive

As a team, we actively listen to each other and to our clients. By centering collaboration in our work we are intentional about making time to meet, talk, and learn from each other. We elevate the voices of our team and listen to new ideas.

I belong. You belong. We all belong.

We are humans first. Our mental wellbeing and taking care of ourselves while ensuring that we show up for each other and our clients is a priority. We have each other's back, and we keep an open-mind. This means embracing our differences with humility and showing empathy in all that we do.

We have Support & Structure

Structure creates better support. We provide clear structure for how we work together as a team and how we partner with our clients. We have high standards and expectations for each other, by tracking our progress and investing in our team. These practices allow us to have a high level of flexibility. We all have a voice and support each other once the decision is made. We respect that we all have different end goals and support each person's journey. As an organization, we are growing with a plan.

Joy & Kindness

We take joy in the work that we do! Creating a safe place and a healthy environment is our priority. Everything about our spaces exudes joy, comfort, and color. Kindness is contagious. We treat each other with kindness and expect the same from our community.

Standard of Excellence

From product to service and to salon - Always go above and beyond! Our standards are high, and we are committed to justice socially and our environmental impact. Through our social media, brand collaboration, and partnerships, everyone on our team helps to share our message, goals, and impact.

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Ideal Candidate:

The Ideal candidate will be able to work on tasks such as, guest relations, schedules for employees, inventory control, Zenoti Knowledge, and salons daily needs. We are looking for friendly, kind, unique, and strong individuals who can lead a team to success!

Role Overview

The primary focus of this position is to oversee the daily operations of the salon, lead the team, and play a primary role in business development projects.


  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the studio including daily tasks, booking procedures and client scheduling,, opening and closing procedures; work to regularly adapt, enhance, and streamline systems and processes to deliver on our brand promise and provide a consistent client experience
  • Manage retail and supply inventory on-hand including budget, purchase orders, POS management, and displays; implement processes to ensure accurate records and financially efficient systems; regularly pursue new retail products or brands to pitch to owners for inclusion in retail offering.
  • Play a lead role in onboarding including managing all onboarding documentation, onboarding scheduling, training new artists on the Jonny.levi studio ways of working
  • Regularly engage in client service activities including booking appointments, POS management and retail sales; resolve client issues and provide adequate solutions to complaints
  • Maintain employee records
  • Establish and maintain Zenoti university
  • Manage employee scheduling and time-off requests
  • Play a key role in marketing and business development projects including marketing and PR, Ecommerce, and social media
  • Represent, support, and maintain the Jonny.levi studio culture 
  • Maintain confidentiality of clients and employees